Melissa Gilbert keeps her red wedding gown in her closet

By Alex Apatoff
January 24, 2014 07:57 PM

Courtesy Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert, 49, is a very on-trend bride. She’s one of many celebs to forgo the traditional white gown in favor of something bolder: A red strapless Morgane le Fay gown, which she wore for her 2013 wedding to Timothy Busfield. And now she shares that she’ll wear it again on the red carpet, just like Keira Knightley did last year.

“It hangs in my closet. I’ll wear it again,” Gilbert told PEOPLE at a MOMS and AriZona Beverages-sponsored Mamarazzi event. “I’ll repurpose it.”

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And while Knightley added a few modifications to her dress for its red carpet rewear, Gilbert says she doesn’t see the need. “I don’t know if I’ll restyle it because it’s perfect the way it is,” she says. “If we have to come back to L.A. and walk a carpet at some point, I will wear that.”

So how hard was it to find that perfect dress? “[It] was just obvious to me,” she says. “I wouldn’t wear white the third time around, and I saw that dress and I thought, ‘Of course that’s what I’m going to wear.'”

Are you excited to see her wear it again? Should more celebs repurpose their wedding gowns? Would (or did) you?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Jacqueline Andriakos