The View host got candid on Instagram, sharing that she's gone up a "full [clothing] size" since welcoming daughter Liberty in September

Megan mccain
Credit: Megan mccain/instagram

Meghan McCain is looking (and feeling!) good in her new closet full of Nina Parker's designs.

The View co-host shared an unboxing video on her Instagram Stories, showing off several pieces of the E! star's new plus-size Macy's collection, including a black mesh mini dress ($99;, a ribbed knit duster ($79; and a flowy frock that features a slit up the side.

"I'm going to be wearing all of this. I just wanted to thank Nina for sending it to me," McCain said. "Honestly, I've just had such a hard time buying clothes and finding clothes recently. This is incredible, and it's body inclusive. I'm just really happy. This is not an ad! I'm not being paid to say this. This is just really well done."

Megan mccain
Credit: Megan mccain/instagram

McCain raved about the quality of the collection (which launched exclusively at Macy's last month) and thanked Parker for launching both flattering and fashion-forward styles in inclusive sizes. She also got candid about the clothing struggles she faced since welcoming daughter Liberty Sage in September.

"Ever since I had Liberty, my body changed, just like every woman who has a baby. And I went up a full size. I haven't lost the weight yet, and I don't even know if I'm planning to," she shared. "I just feel like everything in my body moved around. Like everything is in a different place and everything feels different."

Megan mccain
Credit: Megan mccain/instagram

But after dealing with the coronavirus pandemic throughout the past year, McCain wants to focus on "celebrating life" — not on losing weight.

"I just feel like after this horrible year we've all had, of course I want to be healthy — and I am — but I also want to go out and drink and eat and celebrate life with my friends," The View co-host said on her Instagram Story Monday. "I feel like focusing on losing extra weight is just not the mental headspace I'm in right now."

McCain also opened up about the broadcast news industry's issue with "body inclusivity" and sometimes feeling like "the only plus-size girl in all of news and TV."

"I don't want to have to lose weight to do my job well," she shared. "That's stupid."

On Tuesday morning, McCain posted a photo of herself wearing a colorful design from the new Macy's line for a recent taping of The View, writing, "Seriously could @mzgossipgirl Nina Parkers new plus sized line from @macys be any cuter?!?" in the caption.

"This collection is such a youthful/stylish breath of fresh air - so many size inclusive clothes make me look like a tent," she continued. "Bravo @mzgossipgirl!! I can't wait for more pieces to be released! (Not an ad, just a fan! Also I'm a size 14 for reference) ♥️👏🏻♥️👏🏻"

Parker became the first Black woman-owned brand to design a plus-size line exclusively for Macy's earlier this month. "It's kind of crazy to have that title, but it's really dope to be honest," she told PEOPLE ahead of the launch.

The Nightly Pop host explained that she was first inspired to create the clothing line because she felt like the choices for her body type were "limited."

Nina Parler
Credit: Macy’s

"I felt like options were kind of few and far between, and it just started to become frustrating. It either was really expensive or the quality wasn't that great and it was kind of just like the quick fashion type of stuff," she says of her struggle to find quality clothes for her body type. "It was frustrating because there were so many things I wanted to participate in as far as fashion goes that just wasn't available to me."

Of her collection, the journalist said it was "important" for her to create fun yet functional clothes that can go from day to night and could be worn "multiple ways" so that you're "getting your money's worth."