It's easier than you'd expect!

By Jillian Ruffo
May 23, 2018 12:58 PM

From her Givenchy dress to her effortless chignon, Meghan Markle’s royal wedding look will serve as the ultimate inspiration to brides for years to come. Meghan, who wed Prince Harry on Saturday (in case you somehow missed it), walked down the aisle wearing barely any makeup and an effortless low bun created by hairstylist Serge Normant. And thanks to Meghan, the look will most likely score a spot as the wedding day hairstyle of the year (or even the century).

So in order to learn how to recreate the look, we turned to Teddi Cranford, a bridal hair expert and ApotheCARE’s lead stylist, to show us how to achieve the style. Watch the video above see how Cranford created the look, and shop her must-have products, below.

Starting on smooth, dry hair, Cranford first blows out the front sections using a Dyson blow dryer and a round ceramic brush. Then, she blows the hair at the crown (with a round brush) and teases it before spraying ApotheCARE’s dry shampoo to add volume and follows it with Tresemmé hairspray for light hold.


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The look, which took around 45 minutes and was supposed to be “messy” according to Normant, featured her front layers nearly coming loose and untucked from her tiara.

“It’s a messy bun, we call it. Messy in a controlled way — making sure it doesn’t become a whole mess after a few hours,” Normant said Sunday at Kensington Palace in London.

To achieve an effect similar to Meghan’s, which was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Cranford gently wraps two sections of hair backwards and pins them in place, before twisting the bottom halves of the hair into a low chignon. She then places the two front layers behind the ears, letting them fall gently, just as Meghan’s did.

Trying it for your wedding? The key, Normant said, is maintaining a look that mimics your natural style, as he did for Meaghan. “I really wanted it to be loose. There were a lot of little bits [around her face]. I wanted her to be able to tuck it behind her ears if she wanted to do, because that is what she normally does.”

Just don’t forget the final touch: the veil!