Megan Thee Stallion on Her Nostalgic New Coach Campaign: 'I've Been Wearing This Brand All My Life'

The rapper's latest collab with the heritage fashion brand brings her back to her youth

Megan Thee Stallion Coach
Photo: 2022 Tyler Mitchell

Megan Thee Stallion has always been a Coach girl.

The 26-year-old rapper, tastemaker and fashion trendsetter, has teamed up with Coach yet again – bringing her "Hot Girl" attitude and signature swagger to "That's My Ride," the brand's Spring 2022 Campaign.

"I feel like working with Coach is just so nostalgic to me because I've been wearing this brand all my life," Megan tells PEOPLE about what her latest collaboration with the heritage fashion brand means to her.

"My grandmother used to take me shopping and buy me little Coach wristlets and the little small purses – and now I'm all grown up, and I get to wear everything and have all the big purses," she adds.

The three-time, Grammy Award-winning artist quickly became a beloved member of the Coach family when she starred alongside boyfriend Pardi Fontaine for the brand's Coach x Schott NYC launch in September 2021.

For the brand's latest campaign, its iconic horse and carriage logo is front and center as seen on the label's newest iteration of the Coach Horse and Carriage bag.

Coach bags have held a special place in Megan's heart for as long as she can remember, as they are intertwined with memories of shopping with her grandmother.

"I had a Coach wristlet and I carried my whole life in that wristlet. It was like 16 lip glosses… 20 little quick debit cards," she tells PEOPLE. "My grandma would give me like the little Chase cards that you could upload, like a hundred dollars on. It was full of that. My student IDs.. and I kept it all the way until like the 12th grade."

Megan concludes, "And then I lost it," and adds, "Somebody got my whole life in their hands!"

Megan Thee Stallion Coach
2022 Tyler Mitchell

For the chart-topping musical artist who graces stages in front of thousands and commands red carpets, fashion plays a large role in Megan's day-to-day.

From rocking Mugler corsets, animal print bodysuits, and fishnet tights in her "WAP" music video, to strutting in vintage glam at her first Met Gala – Megan's style, like the latest Coach campaign, is a remix of uniqueness.

"My off-the-camera style, like just me being Megan, definitely I'm always sexy. I'm a sexy girl!" the rapper says. "But when I take it to the red carpet, I definitely still try to incorporate sexy, but I love Hollywood glam. So I try to mix those two together."

Megan Thee Stallion Coach
©2022 Tyler Mitchell

Fishnets and corsets aside, there's one accessory in Megan's closet that she cherishes dearly.

"The most meaningful thing that I have in my wardrobe that I try not to wear too much is a pair of my mom's old earrings," she admits. The rapper's mother, Holly Thomas, died in March 2019 after battling brain cancer.

Megan's style inspiration derives from a variety of sources, such as her love of anime – but there's one person in particular that serves as the ultimate muse for Meg.

"Somebody who is a style icon for me would definitely be Naomi Campbell," shares the artist. "I feel like she's just the baddest and every time I want to look at something as a reference, I'm like, 'Remember that time Naomi was like this? Yeah, look like this.' Like, she's just so sleek and just so clean to me."

Megan Thee Stallion Coach
2022 Tyler Mitchell

Since the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper debuted her aforementioned hit single in 2019, Megan's lived her confidence-driven life by that one motto – all year round. "Oh, it's hot girl summer all the time. Every season," Megan emphasizes.

And she encourages all her "Hotties" to do the same. "You have to be a hot girl, no matter what season it is, no matter the temperature," adds Megan.

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