The actress confessed to Conan O'Brien that she may have accidentally splurged on some luxury athleisure

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 21, 2016 09:28 AM

We have now surely entered the apex (if not the slow downward trajectory) of athleisure. What used to be the sartorial domain of professional athletes has now found its way onto the backs of every model, celebrity, and It Girl the world over, predominately in the form of the effortlessly cool and astronomically price brand Vetements. In fact, the sweatsuit fervor has reached such a fever pitch that it’s made it possible for brands to vend their own multi-thousand dollar takes on this gym teacher staple. A fact Megan Mullaly all too brutally discovered when she reached the cash register during a recent shopping trip.

During her latest appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s late night show, the actress confessed an embarrassing experience she recently had while out doing a little pre-holiday shopping. When Conan asked the Will & Grace star if she enjoys buying gifts for the holidays, she deadpanned, “Oh, I’m a master shopper, master bargain hunter, if any of you guys want to rent me out to buy your last minute Christmas gifts.” She added, “let me just tell you about my prowess as a shopper, it’s pretty astounding.”

Mullally explained, “Recently, I was in New York with my friend Stephanie, who’s my Nancy and Beth band partner, and we had a few hours to kill before we were going to the airport and we were staying in a hotel and right across the street was a Valentino. And I said, hey, let’s just pop over there, we’re not going to buy anything because it’s too expensive, but we’ll just go over there and pretend like we’re rich.”

And that’s where the trouble all began. The actress continued, “we tried on a bunch of stuff and then we were just about to leave and I saw this navy blue hoodie, zips up the front, has a little butterfly on the back, and I though well that’s cute, maybe I can buy something! So I go up and give my credit card and I should have known something was up because the manager of the store came in from another floor to meet me. I thought maybe he was a fan of Will & Grace, who knows. So I go back to Los Angeles and I’m unpacking my bag and I pull out the hoodie and I’m like, this is so cute this little hoodie from Valentino. And I look at the price tag, $4000.” Even worse than that price? They wouldn’t take a return. Mullally concluded, “so if you’re looking for a bargain, I’m your girl.”

After hearing that story, we would still be willing to take her up on that whole surrogate Christmas shopping thing. As long as she’s paying, of course.

What do you think of Megan’s mistake? Is that something you would do? Would you buy it anyway? Sound off below!