It seems safe to say he's a fan
Credit: Ellen von Unwerth

Megan Fox has as look that’s hard to ignore. In fact, the actress has pretty much made a career out of winning the genetic lottery, from playing a disturbingly hot zombie in Jennifer’s Body to riffing off of attractive people stereotypes as Nick’s fantasy woman on New Girl.

So naturally, when iconic lingerie brand Frederick’s of Hollywood decided it was time for a rebrand to introduce to a new generation, they tapped Fox to become not only the face and designer of one of its new collections, but also a co-owner of the brand. A role her husband Brian Austin Green couldn’t be more supportive of, even if his motives may not be entirely pure.

In an interview with People, the actress explained that the collaboration came about organically as Fox has long been a fan of Frederick’s, explaining that, “something I like about this brand is that it’s always been ultra sexy and also pieces that you can’t really find at most lingerie or department stores.” And that’s not all, the Transformers star adds that they’ll also be, “introducing stuff that is ready to wear, that you can wear out with your friends or on a date… But you still have access to the stuff that is really naughty.”

The actress took a very hands-on approach to her new role, taking on the design process herself, saying, “I am pretty confident and I don’t necessarily bounce ideas off of people,” but she adds, “I was really inspired by a certain campaign spread that I saw in Japanese Vogue and that is what launched my ideas for my personal pieces and what I want my campaign to look like,” though of course you’ll have to wait to see the full spread until it debuts along with the brand’s holiday 2017 collection.

And in terms of bringing her work home with her Fox says it’s no problem at all. “Brian enjoys all of the little extra goodies I get to take home from this one,” she shares.

What do you think of Megan Fox’s new lingerie line? Will you be buying any pieces? Which is your favorite?