Meet Wendy Williams's Glam Squad in a Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Video for Season 7

Yep, she's still Wendy

Wendy Williams arrives on the set of her promos in typical Wendy fashion: “I’m hoping craft services is excellent,” she says. “I need fruit, cheese, eggs, full fat bacon … yeah. Full fat bacon.” That’s how you know Season 7 of The Wendy Williams Show is going to be amazing.

Wendy Williams show closet

Courtesy Wendy Williams Show

And though Williams promises that not much has changed (“We’re still a mess!” she jokes — and her shoes are just as fabulous as ever) she does give us a glimpse at the three-man team who keeps her made up, dressed up in and fine wig for her daily show. And despite years by the TV host’s side, they can all use a little work on their “How you doin'”s — just watch what we mean, below.

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Stylist Memsor Kamarake brings her a rack of “edgier” clothes (there’s some Chanel in there!); “wigologist” Antwon Jackson jokes that working with her is “torture;” and makeup artist Jai Williams shares the set’s big secret: “Wendy’s crazy.” (And agrees with her on her cardinal makeup rule: “No red lipstick!”)

We could go on, but it’s best if you watch. So do that, and tell us: Are you psyched for Season 7 to come back?

— Alex Apatoff

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