Meet Taylor Hill, the Newest Face of Victoria's Secret Latest Fragrance, Forever Sexy

We chatted with the star about her new role and all things beauty

If you don’t know who Taylor Hill is yet, it’s time to take notes. The 19-year-old Colorado native is a newly winged Victoria’s Secret Angel, a runway regular and a social media superstar (she already has more than 1 million Instagram followers!).

On top of her crazy-busy schedule, Hill’s taking on a new role as the new face of the lingerie brand’s seductive new scent, Forever Sexy. So we sat down with the supermodel to chat all things beauty, becoming an Angel and much, much more on the set of her photo shoot for the ad campaign.

Jerome Duran

Victoria’s Secret/Jerome Duran

She may only be 19, but Hill has already added one major title to her resume this year when she officially accepted those highly coveted bedazzled wings, joining the Victoria’s Secret family as one of 10 new Angels.

“I was in absolute shock and didn’t know what to do,” she told PEOPLE of the moment she got the news. “My agent called me and sounded really serious. He said in this very serious tone, ‘You have a contract with Victoria’s Secret and they want you to be an Angel.’ And then I freaked out in excitement and shock. He did the same thing with me for the fashion show.”

VS Angel Taylor Hill

Victoria’s Secret/Jerome Duran

But ever since that life-changing phone call, it’s been one crazy (and lingerie-filled!) adventure for the model. She previously appeared in the ad campaign for the brand’s playful fragrance, Tease, and now is the face of the lingerie label’s newest sultry scent, Forever Sexy.

“This is my second fragrance campaign with Victoria’s Secret,” she said. “So I’m very excited to be the face of the new Forever Sexy.”

VS Angel Taylor Hill

Victoria’s Secret/Jerome Duran

Forever Sexy is a seductive scent — blended of “weightless florals and provocative warmth” — and is made with Italian belladonna orange, creamy coconut, gardenia and jasmine petals, closing with golden amber accord. The alluring fragrance comes in a corset-shaped bottle with tulle accents, which is, of course, inspired by the label’s namesake lingerie.

And just so happens to be a favorite in Hill’s fragrance collection. “I like to spritz it on my neck and wrists, but that’s [because] it’s so nice and light,” she said.

As it turns out, Tease and Forever Sexy aren’t the first sweet-smelling scents from the lingerie giant that Hill has proudly displayed on her vanity. In fact, one of her first memories with the brand — long before becoming a model — is during her pre-teen years.

“I don’t remember exactly [which one it was], but it was a Victoria’s Secret PINK fragrance and I was about 13,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s so funny because I really did grow up with Victoria’s Secret.”

VS Angel Taylor Hill

Victoria’s Secret/Jerome Duran

It was around that time that Hill first began experimenting with makeup, too.

“My mom gave me lip gloss when I was about 12 and said that was makeup for a 12-year-old,” she said laughing.

Nowadays, the model has streamlined her beauty routine down to a few core products, including one special scrub made by her mother.

“I wash my face every night and also exfoliate with this scrub that my mom makes — it’s coconut oil, vitamin E oil and raw sugar,” she told PEOPLE. “I use it about three times a week and then put coconut oil on my face and body for moisturizer.”

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VS Angel Taylor Hill

Victoria’s Secret/Jerome Duran

Much like her skincare routine, Hill says she prefers to keep her makeup minimal when she’s not working — but doesn’t leave the house without a few flicks of mascara to enhance her signature baby blue doe-like eyes.

“If you take good care of your skin, you don’t always need foundation,” she said. “I think mascara helps to dress up an everyday routine.”

Perhaps it’s the mascara or the fact that she’s a certified Angel, but Hill has perfected the art of selfie-taking — and it certainly shows with her 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Which is why we had to ask the model for a few quick tips on nailing down that filter-free snapshot.

“Good natural lighting and always hold the phone a little more upward [because] it makes your eyes look bigger, ” Hill explained to PEOPLE. “I definitely use [Victoria’s Secret] tricks for Instagram photos. For instance, if someone is taking a photo of you for your Instagram, knowledge of modeling definitely helps you with posing.”

What do you think of the model’s new campaign ad? Which Victoria’s Secret’s fragrance is your favorite? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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