April 01, 2016 10:55 PM

New haircare line, Beauty & Pin-Ups, is breaking down barriers. The brand introduced 32-year-old Katie Meade as the face of their latest launch: Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment. We caught up with Meade to talk about the partnership, and quickly learned she’s the type of inspiration the beauty world has been missing.

Courtesy Beauty & Pin-Ups

“It’s pretty cool because I love being a part of the Beauty & Pin-ups family, and I love being apart of Best Buddies and interacting with people,” Meade says to PeopleStyle about her partnership with the brand.

Meade appears on the packaging of the hair mask she’s representing, the Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment.

“I’m really excited to be on the packaging of the new treatment,” she shares. “I love all the products — I’ve tried Fearless and I love it because it makes my hair soft.”

When it was time to for Beauty & Pin-Ups CEO Kenny Kahn to find a spokesmodel, he was first looking towards the type of women that the brand featured on the rest of their products. But having already met Katie through Best Buddies, an organization which she’s an ambassador for, Kahn knew she was the perfect fit as the brand’s new face.

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“The Beauty & Pin-Ups brand is a celebration of the empowerment of a woman and what it took to be a pin-up in 1935, and carrying that message in a modern sense,” Kahn tells PeopleStyle. “So as we were launching this product, in our mind it could have been the next traditional pin-up — but as soon as we came up with the name “Fearless” it was really easy, we were like, ‘Well Katie’s fearless.'”

Courtesy Beauty & Pin-Ups

Which is why, judging by Katie’s outgoing personality, she’s the perfect fit for the brand. “She just owns it,” Kahn says. “She just has fun, she’s comfortable within herself she is really excited to be our brand ambassador.”

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So what lead to Meade’s love for beauty? Aside from Jennifer Lopez, who she attributes as her style and beauty icon, it was her family who sparked her obsession.

“My sisters actually taught me how to fix my hair and make a bun,” she shares. “They have taught me so much about beauty and fashion and I learn from them about makeup, shoes, jewelry, etcetera. I love them and they inspire me to look really good.”

And her beauty mantra is simple: “Makeup makes me feel good about myself,” she says. “Every day is a great day to feel good about yourself. Feeling good makes you look good — that’s my motto.”

But for Meade, looking and feeling glamorous isn’t everything. On top of being the ambassador for Beauty & Pin-Ups, and a global ambassador for Best Buddies (through which she became friends with Tom Brady), she works as an Office Generalist in her county’s treasury office, and is a former Special Olympics athlete. But at the end of the day, she just wants to inspire people — and she’s doing a great job at it.

“People see me for who I am and they see me not as someone with a disability, but that I have ability,” she shares. “And I like to try new different things and I inspire women to do that. Beauty belongs to everybody.”

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— Jillian Ruffo

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