The stylish sisters have landed a spot in Teen Vogue

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated March 14, 2016 02:45 PM

You know Lori Loughlin for her role as Uncle Jesse’s gorgeous wife, Aunt Becky, on Full House and the 2016 reboot Fuller House, but while she’s the famous mom of twin boys on screen, Loughlin has two beautiful and very stylish daughters, Bella and Olivia Giannulli, IRL. And the sisters are making their magazine debut in the April issue of Teen Vogue!

Lori Loughlin daughters Teen Vogue

Olivia Malone/Teen Vogue

Loughlin’s daughters inherited their mom’s good genes and are quickly becoming Internet stars — Bella, 17, as a fashion blogger, and Olivia, 16, touts her online presence to her successful, beauty-centric YouTube channel.

“What initially got me into [my YouTube channel] was watching our mom get her makeup done for events,” Olivia told
Teen Vogue
. “It’s pretty special that as a kid I got to learn proper techniques from professionals.”

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But growing up with a famous parent hasn’t fazed the sister duo, they admitted to the glossy.

“I sometimes forget that she’s famous,” Bella said. “It’s odd to see her on the TV screen and then turn around and see her cooking dinner.”

Added Olivia: “I don’t think I even realized the success of the show until I clicked on the Netflix Fuller House promo recently and noticed it had more than 13 million views.”

But with all the hype surrounding the sitcom’s reboot,
Fuller House
, we don’t doubt they’ll be seeing more of their famous mom — at home and on TV.

For more of the stylish sister duo, pick up a copy of Teen Vogue’s April issue — on newsstands this month.

–Sarah Kinonen