The 68-year-old mother of Telsa mogul Elon Musk talks becoming one of the industry's most in-demand models after embracing her natural hair color

January 23, 2017 11:00 AM
Cindy Ord/Getty

After modeling alongside the best of the best in the fashion industry for the past 50 years, Maye Musk (who’s also the mother of Telsa mogul Elon Musk) says her career has never been busier – and she has a theory as to why.

The 68-year-old model walked in her first New York Fashion Week for Malan Breton’s Spring 2016 show, and with the Fall/Winter 2017 shows fast approaching, she will likely hit the runways again (so far, she’s confirmed to walk in the American Heart Association’s annual Red Dress event). But that’s not all. Brands, celebrities and magazines are itching to work with Musk. From appearing in Beyoncé’s 2013 “Haunted” music video, signing on to be the brand ambassador for Atelier Swarovski, landing an ELLE cover and even starring in a Target billboard in the center of Times Square, this IMG model’s a force to be reckoned with.

So, what does Musk attribute her later-in-life skyrocketing success to? Ditching the hair dye and embracing her natural, icy gray hair.

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“When I was younger, I was mousey brown and started putting in highlights with each child,” she told the Daily Mail. ‘By the time I had my third baby, I was pretty much a blonde and I stayed that way until I was in my late 50s. I thought, ‘I’m really tired of this and I’m going to see what’s underneath even if I never work again.’ So I grew it out white.”

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But instead of losing jobs, just the opposite happened. Work started pouring in, signaling a rising trend in the fashion and beauty industry that embraces older models. “I’ll continue working as long as people want to hire me,” said the grandmother of 10. “I have no plans to retire. When I go to shoots, the young models are excited to see me. It proves they can have long and successful careers, too.”

However, Musk’s switch over to the natural side wasn’t such an easy one. “While it was growing out, I colored my hair a very light blonde, but still had the halo of white hair on top. It looked quite terrible!” she said.

But in the end, the model admits she wishes she let her hair go gray even sooner. “It’s much richer and healthier this way. I wish I’d done it earlier,” Musk said. “Looking back, letting my hair go natural was an amazing decision because I started getting major ad campaigns. I also signed with agencies in Europe and travelled to many different cities, which I loved. People would stop me in the street and say they loved my hair!”

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