Karl Lagerfeld also makes a guest appearance

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated June 08, 2016 05:41 PM

With her style uniform of a blunt blonde bob, opaque black sunglasses and head-to-toe Prada combined with a deadpan delivery of fashionable maxims, Anna Wintour was practically born to be celebrated and parodied. The Vogue Editor-in-Chief is known for having an opinion on pretty much everything, from sweatshirts to Taylor Swift‘s hair, a trait perfectly encapsulated by Maya Rudolph in her eerily perfect impression of the industry’s reigning arbiter of chic.

Credit: NBC


On the newest episode of Maya & Marty, the comedian delivers a tour de force performance as fashion’s most formidable ruler, doling out one-liners that even Anna herself would be hard-pressed not to crack a smile over. In the skit, Maya as Anna waxes poetic on what makes her New York just so great, a city she describes as a silk men’s blouse, loose and too big. Martin Short makes a brief, but crucial, cameo as Chanel impresario Karl Lagerfeld with air kisses and attitude to spare.

Maya also manages to crack the code on one of fashion’s greatest mysteries — what is Anna hiding under those pitch black sunnies? Why yet another pair of sunglasses, of course. And thanks to her, we now know that the best crab in the city can be found at Han’s Deli. (“It’s imitation crab, but you liter-ally cannot tell.”) So don your favorite Chanel tracksuit and Prada shades, kick back in your Eames chair, and enjoy a nice cup of lime Jello while Anna and Karl explain to you all the joys of free bodega bathrooms.

What do you think of Maya’s Anna Wintour impression?

–Emily Kirkpatrick