January 20, 2012 03:30 PM

Courtesy Macy’s INC

Max Irons may be the first-ever celebrity ambassador for Macy’s private label, INC, but that doesn’t mean the 26-year-old always takes a perfect photo.

“There’s this picture of me once, I had white hair at the time, for a play,” he tells PEOPLE. “I was forced into it,” he continues. “I spent all my time in psychedelic underpants with blonde, block hair with a blue stripe down the middle. I’ve seen myself in a few situations trying to look rather serious with that look and it’s terrible. I’ll never do that again.”

Mind-bending undies aside, these days you’re more likely to catch the actor wearing all black. “I never like to overdo things,” he says, gesturing to his slim-cut INC suit. “I suppose I am a moody dresser.”

In a video for the collection, which hits stores Jan. 23 and ranges from $49-$129, the star elaborates on his affinity for the brand. “What’s great about the INC collection is that it’s got everything I look for: clean lines, excellent quality; it’s about being unique in an understated way.”

And when it comes to women, Irons, who is dating Emily Browning, is drawn to the same sense of modesty. “Jersey Shore has had a terrible influence on women’s fashion,” he muses. “I quite like, as a look, the way a lot of French people dress … Clémence Poésy, she’s got nice style.”

Justine Harman


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