Maude Apatow Struggled with 'Bad' Acne Filming Euphoria, Had to 'Be Careful with the Lighting'

Maude Apatow shared her skincare routine with Vogue, including tips on how she manages breakouts

Maude Apatow Vogue Video
Photo: Vogue/YouTube

Maude Apatow is sharing her skin struggles.

The actress, 24, opened up about her battle with acne while filming HBO's Euphoria, which she currently stars in as Lexi Howard. Apatow got honest about her skin in a candid video Thursday for Vogue's Beauty Secrets series.

While sharing her makeup and skincare routine, Apatow told Vogue she battled acne while working on Euphoria, explaining that the heavier makeup triggered breakouts.

"When I started working and wearing more makeup, my skin got a lot worse," she said. "I needed to come up with a routine, and this one I've used all through shooting Euphoria and it's worked."

Although Apatow said she's had acne flare-ups in the past, she's told Vogue she's "learned not to pick [her] skin because it spreads."

She added, "I never believed that when people told me that. Then I learned that if I pop zits, they travel."

Apatow also emphasized the importance of going to sleep with a clean face, explaining, "The one big thing I learned … is making sure all your makeup comes off at the end of the day."

The actress also said she's tried to find makeup and skincare items that won't trigger breakouts, but admitted that sometimes, no matter what she uses she'll still struggle with acne.

"It's taken me a long time to figure out products that don't make me break out," she said. "And even still, I think it's just wearing so much makeup for so many hours, and reapplying it and reapplying it, it just gets like — it's so hard not to break out."

Maude Apatow, Euphoria, HBO

Apatow recalled a specific moment while filming Euphoria when she showed up to work with three "gigantic" pimples and had to strategize with director Sam Levinson about how to best conceal her breakout on camera.

"I was shooting Euphoria a couple months ago and I got three gigantic zits on my forehead. You couldn't cover them, they were so big. And they stuck out," she said, noting that she told Levinson to "be careful with the lighting."

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Apatow still appreciated the makeup from Euphoria, despite the effects on her skin. She told Vogue that she and her castmates referred to the makeup trailer as "Sephoria" while filming season 2, and admitted that she even tried to sneak away with some products while shooting.

"They sent us so much makeup for season 2 because the makeup was such a big part of season 1," she said, adding, "I was always trying to figure out how to steal makeup because they didn't really like us taking it."

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