'Mixologist' Matthew McConaughey Says He Uses 'Homemade Concoctions' to Create His Signature Scent

Matthew McConaughey told the Kyle and Jackie O Show that he's perfected his own special scent that you won't find in stores

Matthew McConaughey
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Matthew McConaughey is bringing new meaning to the term "signature scent."

The actor, 52, appeared on Australia's Kyle and Jackie O Show Thursday, where he was quizzed about his much buzzed about trademark smell.

"You have been in quite a few rom-coms with leading ladies, and all of your leading ladies say how great you smell," radio co-host Jackie O told him. "I always thought, 'What does he wear?' But I can't imagine Matthew McConaughey just getting standard aftershave."

She added, "I think you've concocted some oils or whatever. I don't know, but I would love to ask the question."

McConaughey simply replied, "Homemade concoctions," much to the excitement of Jackie O, who told him, "See, I knew you were the kind of guy who would do that!"

The True Detective star said, "You knew I was a mixologist, didn't you?," but didn't reveal his secret recipe when pressed for the ingredients, telling the hosts, "I couldn't dare say that out loud."

While McConaughey demurred when asked about his special scent blend, one of his past costars gave some hints about what he smells like in real life. Yvette Nicole Brown, who starred in Tropic Thunder with McConaughey, told SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show that she tested out McConaughey's "odor" when she learned that he does not wear deodorant — and she was pleasantly surprised.

"I remember that Matthew McConaughey said that he did not use deodorant and that he didn't have an odor. So my first thought is, 'I'm going to get as close as I can to him to see if he's right,' " she said during an August episode of the radio show.

matthew mcconaughey
Matthew McConaughey.

"He did not have an odor. He smells like granola and good living," she said. "He has a sweet, sweet scent that is just him and it's not musty or crazy."

She added, "I believe he bathes because he smells delicious. He just didn't have deodorant on. Those that don't bathe, I don't understand."

McConaughey told PEOPLE about his hygiene habits back in 2005, when he was featured on the cover of that year's Sexiest Man Alive issue. "I haven't worn deodorant in 20 years," he said then, and revealed that he even makes his own "face and body creams."

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