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Between winning the Best Actor Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, stealing Wolf of Wall Street with less than six minutes of screen time and starring in the critically-acclaimed HBO show, True Detective, Matthew McConaughey is having the best year ever. So when we received an email asking us if we wanted to interview him about being the face of Dolce & Gabbana “The One” fragrance, we responded (say it with us now) “Alright, alright, alright!”

The actor (at the extreme height of what we’re calling McConaugheCool) was a pure delight on the phone — and we learned so many candid tidbits during our phone chat that we had to list them out for you. (P.S.: The photo at left was taken during our conversation. Okay, fine, there’s no proof of that, but it was the same day — so just go with it.)

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1. He watched True Detective every week with the rest of the world. “They sent me all the episodes, but I wanted to check them out on Sundays.”
2. It takes him 12 minutes to go from “shower to out the door.”
3. He uses Kiehl’s face lotion every day.
4. When he has to put on a suit and “look as sharp as possible” he uses a Clarisonic and applies his signature scent (yep, it’s “The One.”)
5. He can’t remember the name of his first cologne, but he could only afford to buy two bottles and he made each one last two years. “My friends would ask if they could have some and they were allowed to have one mist. I would spray it once on them directly or spray it and they could run into it.”
6. His favorite scent in general is fresh-cut St. Augustine grass, which grows in his home state of Texas.
7. During our interview he revealed that he was wearing his True Detective character Rust Cohle’s gray Dickies. (More proof that we think he must be talking to us during that phone call in the photo above!)
8. When asked about his Dazed and Confused wardrobe he said, “How can you mess with those peach pants and the Nugent T-shirt? They wouldn’t have worked as well without the hair and the mustache.”
9. He describes his personal style in thee words: “Form follows function.”
10. When it comes to women’s fashion he says, “It’s how she wears it more than than what she’s wearing.” (See wife Camila on any red carpet for proof.)
11. He loved his black-and-white Dolce & Gabbana tux at the Oscars. Mostly because there was no effort required. “We had a rack of 40 things, and I pointed at that one, and it fit, and I was like ‘I’m not looking at any more.'”
12. He used to wear a real flower in his pocket on the red carpet and whenever someone asked why, he’d say, “Mother Nature never goes out of style.” His current thoughts: “I look back and I’m like, ‘That was a pretty brave flower you wore there, McConaughey.'”
13. He won’t say whether he wears boxers, briefs or goes commando. “That’s none of your business.”
14. If given the choice between sweet or salty, he’d choose salty.

We told you he’s awesome. “The One” is available in stores now. Tell us: What’s your favorite McConaughey fact? Is he a good fit for Dolce & Gabbana? Sound off below!

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–Andrea Lavinthal

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