Matt Lauer Reveals He's Actually Been Wearing a Man Choker for Years

The news anchor did some bold boots on the ground reporting, donning a choker in the name of journalism

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There are a handful of fashion trends that have come to single-handedly define the aesthetic of 2016. This past year was full of thigh-high boots, lady pantsuits, and off-the-shoulder everything as far as the eye could see, and of course, the choker, the popularity of which still shows no signs of abatement. While you probably think that at this stage in the necklace’s assent to ubiquity you’ve seen every possible iteration of the body adornment that can exist, it seems there’s still one last frontier for it left to conquer—the man choker. A trend Matt Lauer fearlessly took upon himself to model himself on the Today show.

As the host announced on Wednesday morning, “chokers for men are a thing now too. Asos has a wide selection of male chokers, some in velvet and others in cotton.” However, he continued, “they’re late to the game because, guys, I have been wearing a choker for years.”


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Lauer then paused to loosen his tie and unbutton the collar of his blue dress shirt to reveal that, beneath all those layers of business casual, he was in fact wearing a very tasteful and understated black choker. His co-host for the week Katie Couric joked that he used to wear a dog collar under there to which the news anchor quipped, “when I worked with you I did, and a leash!”

But given how naturally Matt was able to incorporate this trendy piece into his everyday office apparel, we think it’s high time he take on the no-pants lampshading look next. Since he’s permanently parked at his news desk anyway, no one will even be the wiser.

What do you think of Matt’s new neckwear? Sound off below!

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