The actor has revived his shoulder-grazing locks
Matt Damon - Style
Credit: Andrew Wang/VCG/Getty

If your heart just started to beat a little faster and your palms got clammy, we have to say, we can’t blame you. For who amongst us is strong enough to withstand the visceral allure of Matt Damon‘s man bun? We first got our glimpse at this spectacular follicle styling last year during a press conference for the actor’s new film The Great Wall, but now the man bun (or as we’re calling it casually, the mun) is back, and it’s better than ever.

At a press event in Beijing on Tuesday to promote the latest Jason Bourne film, Damon stepped out with a head full of Herbal Essences-caliber luscious locks pulled back in a small bun at the nape of his neck. His co-star Alicia Vikander was also there, but it was difficult to see her past the gleaming light being reflected off of Damon’s glossy strands.

If it seems like the actor’s hair sprouted over night, that’s because, well, it pretty much did. While we prefer to believe Matt’s virile enough to grow his hair eight inches in one evening simply by willing it to be so, this new do is likely courtesy of a whole lot of extensions.

The last time he showed up with such a full, robust mun, Damon confessed on The Graham Norton Show that in order to create that look, “There were 700 hair extensions. It was a full day to put them in. They flew somebody all the way to Beijing to put them in. Then I had to manage that hair. I have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughter.”

Clearly, what he doesn’t appreciate is the state of emotional upheaval he throws us into every time he takes those extensions in and out. But as the old saying goes, Matt Damon’s hair giveth, and Matt Damon’s hair taketh away.

What do you think of his new look? Do you prefer him with or sans mun? Sound off below!