Maryann Organics Collagen Cream
Credit: Amazon

Amazon Shoppers Say This Anti-Aging Cream with 15,000+ Perfect Ratings Makes a Difference 'Almost Immediately'

Frontline workers claim it saves their skin from 12 hours in a mask
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Even if you were just a casual Amazon shopper before the pandemic, sticking to quarantine as much as possible has made us all the more appreciative of the site's enormous reach. After more than a year, we've plumbed the site's depths for the best robot vacuums and comfy joggers — but Amazon's skincare finds are just as good. And according to over 15,000 five-star ratings, shoppers say one of its best-selling face creams is excellent at turning back the clock. 

The Collagen Cream from Maryann Organics currently ranks as Amazon's second top-selling night cream, thanks to its blend of jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, retinol, hydrolyzed collagen, chamomile extract, and aloe vera gel. The former three are moisturizers beloved by derms and skincare aficionados (even Kylie Jenner), while retinol is one of the world's most-lauded ingredients for taking away wrinkles, rough patches, and acne. 

The combination has shoppers writing that it's the best face cream they've ever used — two days with it enough to see a difference in their fine lines. Those in their mid-70s say the $24 collagen cream bests $120 creams for plumping up "distressing" wrinkles, while a 58-year-old reviewer writes that within a day, their skin felt firmer and they looked younger and healthier. 

Maryann Organics Collagen Cream
Credit: Amazon

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Even those who say they've spent a good portion of their lives in tanning beds and sunbathing witness it reversing the damage, earning the cream hallowed "holy grail" status. Two treatments make stubborn forehead wrinkles dissipate, and another shopper adds that it reduces dark circles better than products four times the price. It makes shoppers' skin "instantly look about five years younger," as it tightens loose skin from age and weight loss

And the results only get better with time. "I can say with complete sincerity that my face has not only gotten more even, but also smoother, 'glowy,' and I've definitely seen an improvement/lightening of the lines on my forehead and around my eyes," one shopper says. "Sometimes when I'm rushing, I'll just use a face wipe and this moisturizer, and my face will look amazing. Like, no-need-for-foundation amazing."

The efficiency especially comes in handy for front-line workers, according to one review from a self-described emergency room nurse. With the majority of their day spent in a mask, they write that they need a lotion that's kind to their skin (since N95's aren't), and without any aggravatingly heavy perfume. 

"Wearing the mask for 12 hours a day is horrible enough," they write. "If I had to use a harsh lotion with a strong smell, there would be no way." The Maryann collagen cream checks every box — so well that they say they've just purchased two more. 

Another oft-mentioned pro is the hygienic pump-top dispenser, which dispenses the ideal amount of product without introducing bacteria. The only downside? The thought that the cream might someday disappear. In the words of one shopper, "My biggest worry is this product being discontinued for some reason. I would cry."