February 12, 2009 04:50 PM

Courtesy of Interview

Mary-Kate Olsen has been capturing audiences since her Full House days — at first with her adorable smile and now with her unique fashion sense. Interview got the actress on the phone for a surprisingly candid chat. Turns out that Mary-Kate’s love for fashion didn’t come from reading magazines or even shopping, “For me, [fashion] really started by looking at people. When you’re walking down the street, or you’re at a restaurant, someone catches your eye because they have their own look. It goes way beyond what they’re wearing-into their mannerisms, the way they smile, or just the way they hold themselves.” Mary-Kate also credits being a twin to her late-blooming fashion gene. “Until we were 13 or 14, if my sister and I did an appearance, we would be wearing the same outfit,” says MK. But, for as long as she can remember, she and Ashley have had different taste. “Ashley was more into florals and baggier clothes.” Mary-Kate on the other hand, always had the more outrageous taste. “I think my first favorite clothing item was a pair of spandex shorts with fringe on them! Leopard and white spandex.” And thanks to their petite size, they’ve always thought about how clothing fits. “When I was young, clothes were really just about what fit, because Ashley and I were so tiny. So I understood fit before I understood style.” As for their lines The Row and Elizabeth and James, they move through the design process together. “An idea will come, whether it’s from a movie or a person or a character or a place . . . Then we go through color, silhouettes, and fabric. We sort of put it all together, finding the common threads,” says Mary-Kate. Read more of what Mary-Kate has to say about her early days on television and how she handles the rumor mill at Interviewmagazine.com”.

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