The sisters coordinated their dark navy, layered ensembles

By Emily Kirkpatrick
May 19, 2017 11:05 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are Spotted Out and About in New York City
Credit: The Image Direct

While the rest of the world has the luxury of fully experiencing all four seasons and the various pros and cons they each have to offer, increasingly the weather in New York City has come to be dominated by extremes. There’s extremely cold days and spectacularly hot ones with very little in between. That means when summer finally does hit the metropolis, it hits hard, like this week when temperatures suddenly jumped from a brisk 50-something all the way up to a very sweaty 90°. But there’s at least two city dwellers who seem totally unfazed by the sudden meteorological about-face, and that’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

As anyone who’s ever attended fashion week will tell you, sometimes you have to put style before practicality, especially when trying to show off your very chic ensemble to advantage. That means during the onslaught of runway shows you’ll regularly see people high-stepping through snow mounds in 6″ heeled sandals or dragging a floor-length mink behind them in the midst of a massive heatwave. And while the Olsen sisters may not have the excuse of NYFW to explain their bundled up outfits on one of the hottest days of the year, being the consummate fashion plates that they are, their off-weather dressing also isn’t all that surprising.

The high-end designers were spotted outside their offices on Wednesday waiting for their car to arrive wearing a whole lot of layers considering the day’s 90° highs. Mary-Kate cut a chic figure in a black t-shirt and wide leg trousers from her brand The Row with a tailored, double-breasted navy blazer, three gold pendant chains of ascending length, a black crocodile handbag, and aviator sunglasses. And if you think that’s a whole lot of look, it was nothing compared to Ashley who swaddled herself in a thick jacket and navy maxi skirt, accessorizing with a matching scarf, crocodile handbag, dark shades, and a large bottle of water. But snappy dressers or not, as their Full House character Michelle Tanner would say: Wool? For summer? “No way, Jose!

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