Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Put Their Own Vintage Twist on Bridesmaid Dressing

The sisters wore unique floral dresses to their friend's upstate New York wedding ceremony

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are notoriously low-key, private celebrities, rarely giving interviews and even more rarely being photographed while going about their daily lives as luxury fashion designers and generally fabulous people. In fact, these two just might be part of the tiny handful of millennial women who don’t and have never had a social media presence, making their first appearance on Vine in 2014 in a video they thought was a photo and posting their first ever and only selfie just last year. So when these sisters do crop up on Instagram, it’s kind of a big deal. Especially when that appearance is at one of their closest friend’s weddings, clad in a couple of vintage dresses, naturally.

Over the weekend, the Olsens headed upstate to the historic, 86-acre Southwood estate located on the east bank of the Hudson River with gorgeous views of the surrounding Catskill Mountains to celebrate one of their longtime friends and luxury watch designer Cassie Coane’s wedding. The dress code for all of Coane’s bridesmaids was simply floral, meaning each woman gave her own personal take on the pastoral aesthetic.

Of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley went for vintage, as is their wont, with Mary-Kate donning a yellow, flower-printed cocktail dress made out of a thick, padded fabric with wide, structured kimono sleeves that she paired with bright green, point-toe mules. Ashley, on the other hand, went for a streamlined black cocktail dress which also featured a baggy statement sleeve, accented with a white floral detailing, and paired with dangly pearl earrings.

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As for the bride, she wore a custom Danielle Frankel gown with lace trim, embroidered tulle overlay, long sheer sleeves, and a slight train.

And the details of this nuptial affair were just as rustic and beautiful as the locale.

The night’s dinner was all cooked al fresco over an open flame by Heirloom Fire with the help of 16 cooks dressed in old-timey garb.

Fox Fodder Farm provided the hearts dripping in flowers that hung from the ceiling of the wedding tent, and the 18 bridesmaids wore bright orange flowers strung into necklaces.

The wedding cake featured a comical topper depicting the bride dragging her groom to the alter alongside a football helmut featuring his beloved team’s logo, the Buffalo Bills.

And guests were put into cabs at the end of the night and given a personalized water color illustration to remember their time in the Catskills by. All in all, it was a wedding totally fit for a bohemian princess…or even the Olsens.

What do you think of the Olsen’s bridesmaid looks? Would you wear these dresses to a wedding? Sound off below!

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