January 03, 2007 10:00 AM

Just when we thought we could finally tell them apart, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen both returned to their usual honey blonde hue over the holiday weekend. After a brief flirtation with platinum hair, Mary-Kate toned down her locks just the day before Ashley lightened up her dark brunette color. Now the twins look as similar as they did in their New York Minute days, albeit with much skinnier jeans and bigger purses. We don’t know how their long locks can take all the dyeing — does anyone in Hollywood pick a color and stick to it anymore? Tell us: Which look do you like better for Mary-Kate and Ashley? Should they keep their hair the same color as each other or mix it up to look more individual?

Photo: Henry Flores /BuzzFoto (inset)PHIL McCARTEN/reuters;Most Wanted/Flynet;(inset)Sunset Photo and News

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