The actress reveals why she was so hesitant to go makeup-free on camera

By Colleen Kratofil
November 27, 2017 04:02 PM
Steve Dietl/Netflix

Posting a bare-faced selfie may be trending in Hollywood right now, but going completely makeup free on the big screen is a much more intimidating task. Just ask Mary J. Blige, who recently revealed that embracing her natural glow for a new movie role was something that was difficult for her to get used to.

In the upcoming seventh season of Variety and PBS SoCal KOCE’s show Variety Studio: Actors on Actors, Mary J. Blige revealed that she initially didn’t want to film without a full glam session for her new film, Mudbound.

“Florence came at a time when I was really low, feeling super insecure, not sure of my life, not sure of even who I was. I didn’t really realize that I was hanging onto so many things of the world that made me feel beautiful,” Blige revealed.

So when it was time to go makeup-free on screen, Blige fought for any beauty aspect she could. “I was fighting to keep lashes. I was fighting for fingernails, and fighting for wigs and things like that. And I just didn’t wanna strip down, because I just was afraid,” Blige said about forgoing her typical beauty routine for her role.

Despite initially resisting director Dee Rees’ vision, she eventually changed her mind and found the experience “liberating.”

“Once I trusted [Rees] and let Florence live, she really liberated me,” Blige explained. “She really opened me up to my own inner beauty for real. Not what I thought I’d learn, but really truly who I am. And that none of this matters, you know?”

One of the main reasons Blige was so hesitant in letting go, was the fact that she was trying to please one person in particular. “I was struggling because I was going through some real heavy… things in my mind,” she said. “And I wanted to be beautiful for someone. I wanted to be beautiful. I thought that these things made me beautiful to this person. So I was afraid to let it go because I was trying to save something that was already dead.”

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But thanks to her role as Florence, she’s fully embracing all the things that make her beautiful. “Now I’m running around with my own edges out,” she shared. “I want to wear my own hair out. It is what it is. My forehead is what it is. My edges are what they are. The texture of my hair is what it is. The color of my skin is what it is. I am what I am.”

With Blige’s brand new attitude, we expect to see her joining in Alicia Keys’ movement in no time.