November 30, 2011 08:00 PM

Courtesy HSN

When Mary J. Blige greets fans, they often tell her what perfume they’re wearing — because it’s usually one of hers. “[It happens] all the time,” she tells PEOPLE. “They say, ‘I’m wearing your fragrance, girl!’ It feels so good.”

Blige shattered HSN single-day sales records last year when she sold her first scent, My Life, on the shopping network, and she’s aiming to do it again Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET when she performs live and sells her newest scent, My Life Blossom. “It feels so good,” she says of her success on the channel. “I never in a million years thought I would be on HSN selling fragrances but it’s something that I love and it just feels like a great accomplishment to put your heart and soul into something to give to women.”

Blige says she generally considers her fans when creating her scents. “I think about them the way I think about myself,” she explains. “How I like to smell. Not too strong or overbearing but still smart, sexy, feminine, edgy. I think about what women would like to wear.”

Currently she finds herself wearing My Life Blossom “because it’s a lighter, cleaner scent,” she says. “I love the sweet in the original My Life but there’s something about wearing a cleaner scent for me right now that’s reflective of my point in life.”

And with her recent success in the fragrance world, a foray into cosmetics might not be far off. “I’m thinking about it,” Blige reveals. “The fragrance business with HSN is definitely making me think about going further [into the industry].”


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