August 05, 2011 02:00 PM

Courtesy Carol’s Daughter

Mary J. Blige’s fragrance collection is blossoming! The iconic singer will be returning to HSN on Aug. 13 to launch her second fragrance, My Life Blossom, a follow up to her wildly successful first fragrance, My Life, which sold 60,000 units six hours after its release.

“My Life Blossom is a fresh beautiful fragrance with notes of mandarin and tuberose,” the singer tells PEOPLE. “It’s light and positive, the true embodiment of self-love and clarity. It represents the blossom that me and my fans have gone through.”

The fragrance, $55 per bottle, will launch exclusively on HSN during Blige’s Aug. 13 appearance; after the show, it will be available on And for every bottle purchased, one dollar will be donated to FFAWN, the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, a charity Blige founded to help women in need through scholarships, grants and other aid programs.

“My Life Blossom represents where I am today,” Blige says. “It’s about arriving at that place of self-acceptance and really finding inner peace.”

–Caroline Slutsky


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