By StyleWatch
Updated September 14, 2009 07:51 PM

Courtesy Body+Soul

Martha Stewart has built a career on living well, and in the newest issue of Body and Soul she’s letting the world know when it comes to staying fit, counting calories will never make her cut as “a good thing.” The talk show host joins forces with her daughter Alexis in their wellness magazine to dish on how they keep in shape without denying themselves. “It is great to share with our readers some of my and Alexis’ tips in how we stay fit and healthy,” Martha tells PEOPLE of what prompted a fitness focus. “We have lots of routines for good eating, fitness, beauty and living that we will be including in future issues of Body and Soul.” So just what are their top tips? Well, for starters, “Convenience food is just not in my vocabulary,” Martha says, revealing that she loves nothing more than farm-fresh, organic produce and dairy. The mother-daughter team also shares a love of fitness, which includes yoga classes and regular sessions with a personal trainer — with Martha hitting her home gym at 6:30 A.M. daily. “Yoga is incredibly relaxing, but strenuous, too,” she says. But for those of us who can’t afford our own trainer, she reveals a favorite budget-friendly fitness alternative: cleaning. “I’ve never had a housekeeper and I never will,” she says, “Cleaning does it for me.” Get more of Martha and Alexis’s indulgences, must-haves, and stress cures in Body and Soul — and be sure to tune into The Martha Stewart Show on September 23rd to see Alexis appear alongside her mother and the magazine’s editor Terri Trespico to talk more about their personal health and fitness routines.