See inside the lifestyle expert's brand new, perfectly-curated closet


Martha Stewart is a master at organization (among many other things). We’ve already seen inside her impeccable kitchen, which basically is Pinterest board come to life. And now, the lifestyle expert is opening her beautifully curated closet to the world, proving yet again she’s the queen of home improvement.

In the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, Stewart herself is giving her readers a look inside her brand new, spare-bedroom-turned-closet in her Bedford, New York home, which is complete with marble countertops, ample shelf space and even a window seat for her cats. Just looking at the photos will make you want to start spring cleaning early — and re-think how you store your pants.

Credit: Marcus Nilsson / Martha Stewart Living

To create the design, which Stewart says she’s “thrilled with,” the home design pro turned to Chris Reynolds of California Closets. Together, the two determined the amount of space she’d need, and perfected a walk-in space that rivals most celebrity closets we’ve seen.


Lined up in color order, Stewart’s pants are placed on wooden hangers, spaced evenly apart. Her sweaters are folded perfectly in place and sit stacked inside a cupboard, with windows that reveal the beautiful rainbow range of her collection. And her shoe arsenal, which contains a large majority of Manolo Blahniks, is is placed on floor-to-ceiling shelves.


Of course, Stewart and Reynolds thought of everything, from LED lights that allow her to see her wardrobe in full view, to UV-blocking shades to prevent her clothes from fading. She also has pill-out valet bars, which allow her to plan her outfits and even determine how they should be laundered, thanks to signs that she’s had laminated.

April Newsstand
Credit: Marcus Nilsson / Martha Stewart Living

So the next time you find yourself overhauling your closet, let’s just say you know where to look for inspiration.

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