The actor shares his grooming secrets and poses as famous pop culture character Lando Calrissian in this week's issue of PEOPLE on stands now

By Hanna Flanagan Melody Chiu
November 15, 2019 12:28 PM

Marlon Wayans pulls off Lando Calrissian’s bushy mustache so well, you’d never even know he once struggled to grow any facial hair at all.

“I’m 47 now, so my facial hair started growing in when I was 40,” the comedian — who channeled the Star Wars character in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive issue on stands today — quipped. “I was a really late bloomer. Like I just left puberty. My voice just changed like six years ago. It’s crazy.”

Luckily, the Marlon star grew out a Chevron stache in time for the Movember tribute, in which Wayans, Will Forte, Adam Scott, Will Arnett and Kal Penn re-created some of the most iconic mustaches in history for a good cause.

But he didn’t do it alone — Wayan’s perfectly groomed mustache and afro are thanks to a well-rounded routine and an extensive list of products which he shared exclusively with PEOPLE (listen up, men!).

Robert Trachtenberg
Actor Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars
  • In honor of Movember — in which men are encouraged to grow moustaches to raise awareness for men’s physical and mental health issues — five funny men have recreated the most iconic mustaches in history- taking sexy to a whole new level. Movember aims to raise funds and awareness about men’s health in the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. You still have time to get involved by donating at

“Styling facial hair is relatively easy for me but I have a whole grooming kit,” the Marlon star said. “I use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Soap to wash [my mustache]. I also use an oil by The Art of Shaving that smells delicious.”

“The Art of Shaving has a grooming cream, a conditioner and shampoo that I like too,” he adds. “Then I use a little bit of Just For Men to cover up any gray hairs.”

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

As for skincare, Wayans says he’s been using Aveeno for 30 years. In fact, he loves the line so much, he thinks they should “rebrand and rename it ‘Marlon’s formula’.” He adds that Dermalogica’s clay mask helps keep his skin clear and hydrated.

“My mom always taught me that women like a man that feels good and smells good,” he told PEOPLE. “So I brushed my teeth a lot. I’m always flossing, I always chew gum. I always take care of my skin, like I’m into that stuff, but not excessively. I don’t think women like when you more manicured than them.”