"Ladies and gents this is a woman who can still fit into her dress that she wore when she was 21 years old!" one social media user wrote on Instagram

Marlee Matlin is making her stay-at-home wardrobe a bit more glamorous.

On Sunday, the 54-year-old actress tried on the lavender Theoni V. Aldredge gown she wore to accept the Oscar for Best Actress at the 59th Annual Academy Awards in 1987 because “what else is there to do?”

“I’m losing my mind. What else is it there to do? #oscardress#1987 #34yearsago #bestactress #childrenofalessergod #dressstillfitsthough #gottalaughatyourself#f***coronavirus #besafe #washyourhandsplease #academyawards,” the star, who won for her role in Children of a Lesser God, captioned a Boomerang video on Instagram.

In the comment section, Matlin’s fans and followers were impressed that the long-sleeve, lace gown — which features a plunging neckline and one of the decade’s most popular trends: shoulder pads — still fits like her like a glove, 34 years later.

“WOW – where are the glasses from 1987?” one social media user asked. “You look amazing!!!”

To which the author and actress replied, “in storage!! 🤣”

Another person wrote, “Ladies and gents this is a woman who can still fit into her dress that she wore when she was 21 years old!! How awesome is that!!!” While a third Instagram user added, “Dress still fits?!? Dang that’s goals right there 😍🙌🏼👌🏼 Stay safe.”

“At least the dress still fits,” Matlin wrote on Twitter alongside a photo collage.

In 2012, the Switched at Birth star described the design as “a blend of elegance and romance,” in an essay for Entertainment Tonight, but admitted she could’ve done without the horned-rimmed glasses and floral hair piece.

Marlee Matlin
Credit: Ron Galella Collection/Getty; Marlee Matlin/Instagram

“Paramount and my publicists hooked me up with Ms. Aldredge who had won multiple Tonys for her costume work on Broadway and an Oscar for her work in The Great Gatsby,” Matlin wrote.

She continued: “The lavender dress she designed had a blend of elegance and romance that I loved. With that beautiful dress, I decided to wear my hair up. Unfortunately, at the last moment, a combination of events left me walking out on the red carpet with baby’s breath in my hair (my hairdresser’s idea) and oversized black horned-rimmed glasses (my boyfriend’s idea who said sarcastically when I wanted to take them off, ‘You’re not a model’). If I had it all to take back, I would’ve ditched the baby’s breath and glasses. What can I say; it was my youth and it was the ’80s.”