Mark Tuan Talks Self-Care, Beauty and the One Feature About Himself He'd Change

The K-pop star and member of GOT7 has partnered with Spark Aligners on a new campaign

Mark Tuan spark aligners
Photo: Ryan Forbes

Mark Tuan is opening up about how he stays looking and feeling his best — and the small change he recently made to make it happen.

The K-pop star, 28, has been in the spotlight since debuting as part of the hugely successful boy group GOT7 in 2014, so it's no surprise he's built up a time-tested regimen of self-care practices, exercise and skincare routines that keep him looking and feeling his best.

Still, despite having fans around the world (see his nearly 13 million Instagram followers and 2 billion YouTube streams) who would likely disagree, Tuan was never happy with one feature on himself.

"My smile has always been something I thought about," he tells PEOPLE. "I've always wanted a broader smile, but didn't think there were options for me to change it."

A new partnership, he says, is helping him do just that. "When presented with an opportunity to enhance my smile and learning about how simple the process could be, it was a no brainer for me to partner with Spark Aligners and their #MyTrueSmile campaign for treatment."

Following a major comeback in May with GOT7 — who had a tumultuous year after parting ways with their former record label, JYP — and leading up to the release his first solo studio album, The Other Side, out August 26, Tuan is making sure to keep his mind and body in top form.

"I make it a goal to keep my body in shape and mentally healthy to perform," he says. "As I'm getting older, I'm learning to limit what my body can do now." He admits, "My body is not what it used to be so I wished I had stretched a little more back then and worked on strengthening my muscles."

Self-care and looking out for his mental well-being have also become essential parts of his routine, and, he says, something he wasn't always as conscious of.

"It's OK to take a break and clear your mind if you're ever overwhelmed," says Tuan of what he's learned. "I used to keep to myself, everything was bottled up. Now I'm talking about everything through my music which definitely helped me mentally. It feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders."

Throughout the day he takes a few steps to make sure he's taking care of himself.

"Skincare is a big thing in Korea," says the L.A. native, who moved overseas initially to study martial arts and acrobatics before pursuing a music career. "I apply toner and moisturizer on a daily basis." And, "Before I go to sleep every night, I like to turn my notifications off. When I wake up in the morning, I do a little stretching before I get the day started."

Lately, his biggest therapy has been making music, and the anticipation that comes with getting ready to release it to the world.

"I'm excited for them to hear my story," he says of his fans, many of whom he'll see in person on an upcoming North American tour. "This album is more personal and I want people to know that they aren't going through tough times alone and that no matter what, things will get better."

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