The beauty pro is launching his first-ever brush collection, Makeup by Mario x Sephora, on Dec. 26

By Kaitlyn Frey
December 12, 2019 03:00 PM
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After working for nearly two decades as a professional makeup artist, and famously being Kim Kardashian West‘s go-to glam master, Mario Dedivanovic has helped define some of beauty’s biggest trends — from chiseled and contoured cheekbones to bold blue eye shadow.

While he admits he’s helped contribute to the full-glam craze seen all over social media, as Dedivanovic comes up on his 20-year anniversary in the business, he anticipates a shift in the beauty community.

“We’ve seen so much heavy makeup and skin. I think that we’re going to start seeing some really natural makeup — breathable skin, freckles and things like that in 2020,” Dedivanovic, 36, tells PEOPLE.

mario dedivanovic
Credit: Sephora

He continues: “We’re always going to have the dramatic artistry, and I know I’ve had a little part in that, but it got a little out of control. But that’s ok. Now I see more natural beauty and less edited photos coming.”

And now, giving yourself Mario-approved glam is easier than ever, thanks to his first-ever makeup brush collaboration: Makeup by Mario x Sephora. This marks his first solo launch, after previously teaming with Kardashian West on her makeup brand, KKW Beauty, on two successful collaborations.

The inspiration for the brush line, which includes a complexion brush set, eye brush set and complete master kit, comes from Dedivanovic’s years of doing celebrity makeup and it delivers beauty lovers a curated kit that contains everything needed to create an A-list look.

Credit: Sephora

In anticipation of the launch, which hits Sephora stores and on Dec. 26, PEOPLE sat down with Dedivanovic to to learn all about his super sentimental collaboration. Read on for more from the makeup pro.

You started your career working as an artist at a Sephora store, and now you’re working with the brand on this collection. How does it feel?

Mario Dedivanovic: It hasn’t 100 percent hit me yet. I remember very clearly manifesting one day in Sephora in the early days 19 years ago, I saw a celebrity makeup artist filming something with Sephora Collection. I remember staring and saying, “I am going to work really hard and one day do something like that with them.” I had forgot about that. But the day of the campaign shoot in the shower, it popped into my head and I lost it and started bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t believe that my dream actually came true.

How was Sephora so instrumental in your career?

MD: It was such a gateway to so much in my life. Before working at Sephora, I didn’t really know I was a creative. I didn’t know I had that talent. Then when I discovered Sephora and got the job there, from the very first day I decided that this was going to be my life and my career. I found my passion and reason to live, really.

What was the experience like developing your own makeup brushes?

MD: Sephora came to me with this idea of brushes, and they said synthetic brushes. I was like, “Ok, now this is a challenge for me.” I traditionally have always used handmade brushes. Synthetic brushes are traditionally more dense and don’t distribute the product as nicely as natural bristles do. Thankfully, over many, many months and many, many submissions, I was able to mimic the density and taper of the natural bristles. It was incredibly difficult to do.

Sephora Collection
Credit: Sephora

You anticipate natural makeup being a trend next year — how can that look be achieved?

MD: I designed a fluffier brush [see above, fourth from left] that has less density so it gives a more natural foundation coverage. You should also do detailed concealing. Use the concealer brush [see above, sixth from right] and place it right where the under eye darkness is. Pat it in, then stipple the concealer around the edge of where the darkness is and lightly dab in some translucent powder to set it.

What do you see happening in terms of lip trends?

MD: I’m not a fan of liquid lipsticks or anything heavy on the lips, so I tend to like the classic lipstick formulas that you can apply lightly. I use different brushes in my kit, like the detail brush [see above, fourth from right] or smudge brush [see above, second from right] to apply product much more lightly. A natural lip color is really beautiful.