The pop star's definition of everyday apparel is very different from yours

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 19, 2019 11:13 AM
Credit: Source: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Mariah Carey is the definition of the word diva. In fact, centuries from now, when our great-great grandchildren are learning about the league of extraordinary ladies who qualify for the title, a picture of the “We Belong Together” singer cruising around the coast of Italy clad in lingerie while listening to her own greatest hits will surely be in the dictionary as an illustration. And on Monday, Mariah gave us yet another taste of the latest in prima donna fashions, showing off her private jet travel ensemble prior to boarding.

The singing legend kicked off her week by jetting out of Las Vegas (where she currently has a residency featuring a number of glittering costume changes and all her greatest hits). And to celebrate her travels, Mariah stopped to pose for some casual shots while walking up the steps of her private jet.

While most of us might opt to don a fleece onesie for a red eye flight, everything is slightly more glam in the butterfly-laden world of this singing superstar. Mariah wore a strappy lace bra underneath a very low cut black jumpsuit, paired with staggeringly high-heeled booties, an oversized pink Birkin bag, and in a true diva move, sunglasses despite it being the dead of night.

But this is hardly the first time the pop star has crafted an OTT outfit while traveling around the world. In case you need further proof, we’ve gathered together a few of the chanteuse’s most incongruous, if fabulous fashion moments.

On a Yacht:

A silk slip and diamonds is perfect for a seaside jaunt.

On Safari:

A leather jacket may seem like it would be sweltering under that intense heat, but sometimes you have to suffer in order to look totally cool.

In the Studio:

A diamanté bra. After all, where do you think the inspiration for Glitter came from?

On Stage:

Sure, this is during her Las Vegas performance, but you know if Mariah had her druthers this is how she would travel everywhere.

Backstage Post-Performance:

A bra and a graduation cap because she may not have technically gotten her degree, but Mariah is always top of her class.

Backstage Pre-Performance:

You’re not going to get wheeled around on your own custom chair in just any old schmatta.

In Italy:

Everyone knows you can’t properly bake a pizza unless you’re in a negligee and furry mules.

On a Vespa:

A sparkly unitard because this woman is clearly living her best life.

Arriving in Sweden:

How soon can we put this woman in charge of all of our international relations?

On a Talk Show:

A ball gown, naturally. Would you expect anything less from bonafide pop royalty?

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