Emily Kirkpatrick
November 01, 2016 08:16 AM

Since breaking up with her billionaire fiancé, it seems like an understatement to say that Mariah Carey has been having quite the week. Heartbreak doesn’t appear to be slowing down the singer one bit, as she’s been going out every night eating dinner with friends and shading magazines that have done her wrong, all while wearing some barely-there, lingerie-inspired apparel with that 35-carat solitaire still firmly in place. But to celebrate Halloween on Monday, Mariah finally ditched that old (well, relatively speaking) engagement ring in order to more fully embody the role of a sexy cat.

This has been a holiday of surprising costume choices for the Elusive Chanteuse, who usually opts for pretty (and/or sexy) over scary; think glittery angel and butterfly outfits. But this year, Mariah is really feeling the spooky spirit of the season, first wearing a skintight latex devil get-up for a party with her kids and ex Nick Cannon, and then taking off that $10 million sparkler in order to transform into the role of a lingerie-clad cat on October 31.

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In a Boomerang posted to her Instagram account on Monday night, the singer posed in a sparkly bra left half-exposed under an equally sparkly top, cat ears, and a pair of motorcycle gloves with metal nails that she scratches across the tabletop in the social media GIF. But fear not: Just because she wasn’t wearing her hotly contested ring from James Packer doesn’t mean she wasn’t still dripping in diamonds, wearing a sparkly tennis bracelet and choker necklace of her own. After all, as any diva would gladly inform you, romances may come and go, but diamonds are forever.

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