Mariah Carey Grooms Her Own Brows (Cause a Diva's Gotta Do What a Diva's Gotta Do)

In honor of her collaboration with M.A.C the pop star sounds off on Scandal, style and more

Mariah Carey may be a self-proclaimed diva, but that isn’t stopping her from maintaining her own eyebrows. PEOPLE chatted with the pop star as she celebrated her first makeup collaboration with M.A.C. Cosmetics, a shimmery champagne lipstick called “All I Want” (available December 3), during which the singer and former beauty school student talked tweezing, her top vacation destination, and, of course, diamonds. Here are 10 reasons she will forever be a star in our eyes.

Mariah Carey


She’s a pro with a pair of tweezers. “In beauty school, we learned about so many things, like how to tweeze our eyebrows. I do my own,” says Carey.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way about a red lip. “On other people, I envy when they can wear a red lip, but every time somebody puts red lipstick on me it’s a disaster,” admits Carey, who loves the “frost” finish of her new beige-y shade. (Editor’s note: Carey’s lipstick is the first launch from her collaboration with the brand. Her M.A.C Mariah Carey Beauty Icon collection hits shelves in 2016.)

Her body cream is one of a kind. Because what’s better than buying the most luxe lotion on the market? Making your own. So naturally, Carey smoothes her skin with “my own cream that I worked on when I was pregnant that I probably will be releasing at some point because it’s really good. I don’t want to go into it, but it’s amazing.”

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All she wants to do on Friday night is watch a little TV. Scandal “from the night before” to be exact. “With no interruptions! Nobody talking throughout,” says Carey.

…but not in her living room. “I don’t really go in that room that much,” reveals the singer of the space, which houses her “prized possession.” Says Carey, “I love the living room because I have Marilyn Monroe’s piano. I’m happy that I’m the caretaker of it.”

She has a favorite vacation destination. “I have a house in Eleuthera, so I go there,” shares Carey of her go-to island getaway in the Bahamas.

But she’s far less committed to what slow jam tops her personal chart. “There are so many. How can I pick a favorite slow jam? It’s so funny, my daughter started singing Guy “Let’s Chill” cause she heard it, so that shows you that music is timeless.”

Mariah Carey M.A.C lipstick

Courtesy M.A.C

Her shoe game is so strong. If we could use one of the singer’s own song titles to sum up our opinion of her shoe collection, it’d surely be: “Obsessed.” Never could we pick a fave in her vault, and neither can Mariah, admitting, “I have an overflow of shoes.” But her MVP is “probably something really impractical that would be really abusive to wear, but they would be sparkly and strappy and fun.”

…and she has a very special source for butterfly jewelry. “The ring that I always wear is Van Cleef & Arpels, so I guess that would be one of my favorite sources.”

She’s never met a diamond cut she didn’t like (basically, she’s just like us). “I just love diamonds,” says Carey. “It really depends on the stone, I can’t pick a favorite diamond cut. That’s like picking a favorite piece of sand on the beach.”

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For more on the pop star’s style, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands now! And tell us: What do you think of Carey’s shimmering champagne lipstick shade?

–Jackie Fields

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