Our monthly columnist dishes on what's in her clutch!

By Brittany Talarico
Updated November 25, 2013 02:00 PM

JB Lacroix/Wireimage

Holiday parties can mean sexy holiday dresses. And Maria Menounos never wants to fall victim to a wardrobe malfunction. That’s why she’s always carries one very important thing in her clutch — double-sided toupee tape.

Topstick toupee tape is evil, but every girl on the red carpet uses it to tape up their boobs in gowns,” the PEOPLE StyleWatch columnist shares. “Whatever you don’t want to show, Topstick is what will fix it. Cut it up into little pieces, tape it your to belt [to keep the end down]. It’s always in my wallet. I have Topsticked my pant cuff up again. I’ve actually even done alterations and hemmed my pants with Topstick. It looks so good you’d never know. Glenn Close — her dress ripped at the Globes, and I Topsticked it together from the inside. You couldn’t tell anything happened.”

Aside from the magical tape, Menounos makes sure she always has her MAC blotting papers on hand. As for her holiday style MO, the Extra TV host shares: “I always determine hair by the outfit. With an embellished top, I put hair up in some kind of pony. If it’s simple, I’ll wear it down and sexy and curly. For makeup, I like to do smokier eyes.”

When she’s not busy on the holiday party scene, the stylish star loves to shop and give presents: “I’ve been told I’m one of the greatest gift givers ever. My favorite thing is to see their eyeballs pop out of their head and then scream, ‘I love it.'”

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–Brittany Talarico