Maren Morris Wears a Chic Green Pantsuit in Honor of Minnie Mouse's Historic Costume Change

"Let Minnie Mouse wear a damn pantsuit," Maren Morris wrote on Instagram following some mixed reactions to Minnie Mouse's new look in honor of Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary celebration

Maren Morris
Photo: Maren Morris/Instagram

Maren Morris has Minnie Mouse's back!

The iconic Disney character — who is usually clad in a red-and-white polka dot dress and matching bow — will debut a very fashion-forward, modern-day twist on her signature look while celebrating Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary.

Designed by Stella McCartney, Minnie's new look will feature blue trousers and a matching blazer adorned with black polka dots and, of course, a matching bow.

On Thursday, Morris shared an Instagram picture sporting a Phillip Lim Tuxedo Bustier Blazer with matching pants in support of the famed mouse, who received mixed reactions following the announcement regarding her new outfit.

"Let Minnie Mouse wear a damn pantsuit. 💚🐭," the "Circles Around This Town" singer, 31, captioned the post, which also featured a selfie in the car on a second slide.

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Though many Disney fans were thrilled about the mouse's makeover, others were not so enthused that Minnie would be ditching her usual polka dot dress.

"Minnie Mouse is throwing out her dresses to wear a pants suit. Now they've taken away Minnie's sexiness too. I don't like this timeline we're living in," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another tweeted, "They put Minnie Mouse in a pants suit. What has the world come to?"

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens also chimed in on Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime Live Wednesday.

When asked about her thoughts, she first referenced Mars, Incorporated's redesign of its M&M characters.

"Let me just tell you, Jesse, it goes back to what they did with the M&Ms, and now they are making [Minnie] more masculine. I'm glad they are seeing that this needed to be addressed," Owens said.

She quipped, "All of us were traumatized when we saw Minnie Mouse and she was looking like a female as we were growing up!"

"This is why people don't take these people seriously," Owens continued. "They're taking all of these things that nobody was offended by, and feel like they have to get rid of them and destroy them because they're bored. They're absolutely bored."

She claimed, "They're trying to destroy fabrics of our society, pretending that there are issues so everybody looks over here. 'Look at Minnie Mouse, don't look at inflation ... ' The world was going forward because we got her in a pants suit. Never mind that you can't get anything at the grocery store and you can't find a piece of bacon unless you got 30 dollars in your pocket."

"At least we're addressing the real problem, which is Minnie Mouse," she concluded.

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