Marica Gay Harden's 14-year-old son is a master with makeup

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Marcia Gay Harden‘s 14-year-old son Hudson Scheel enlisted his famous mom to model for his new YouTube channel — and his glam skills are definitely professional grade.

The young beauty blogger brought Harden, 58, in front of the camera to create a glam red carpet-worthy look that came out just as flawless as one by the pros. “All my makeup artists are gonna hate you!” Harden joked when she saw the completed look.

Throughout the video, Scheel not only taught his viewers a thing or two about makeup, but also informed his mom about the tips and techniques he used on her.

“Why don’t you do the foundation first” Harden asked after her son said he would be starting the look by doing her eyebrows and eye shadow.

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“Because we’re going to be using dark pigments, so if those fall onto your cheeks and mix with the foundation it is going to look really bad,” Scheel told her.

Using the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, Scheel built up Harden’s sultry smokey “Naomi Campbell ’90s” inspired eye look.

“I do like this palette cause there are a lot of really good neutral shades. However it does have a lot of kickback which means that when you tap into the shade you get a lot of loose pigment and that just happens because the formula was made that way, so you want to tap off some of the excess,” he explained.

Harden was pretty impressed by her son’s knowledge of all the products he used on her face during the tutorial. “I like that you know the names of everything. I don’t know the names of anything,” she said.

She also noted that when she was younger, the makeup world was nowhere near as huge as it is today. “It is a while different world. There was no Sephora when I was coming up. You bought your stuff at like Rite Aid,” Harden said.

See exactly how Harden’s son mastered her makeup look in his full tutorial above!