Marc Jacobs Sounds Off On His Newest Model: Posh!

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

We should have known something was up when Victoria Beckham made such a splash at the Marc Jacobs show in September — the rumors had been swirling, but now Marc Jacobs has confirmed that his latest campaign is starring the Spice Girl. WWD quotes the famed designer as saying “She was a great sport. She agreed to do something rough and tough and quite raw. It wasn’t days and days of hair and makeup.” Marc tells WWD that the campaign, shot by regular contributor Juergen Teller, depicts Victoria amid giant Marc Jacobs gift boxes and shopping bags, an allusion to the marketing of celebrities. Turns out that Posh was game for anything, no matter how offbeat the idea seemed. The designer says that his favorite images show Posh popping out of a box or with her head buried in a shopping bag. “She was like, ‘I totally get it and I’m totally into it,” Jacobs said. “She has an amazing sense of humor about herself….She just gave herself over to it.” We cannot wait to see these ads! Tell us: What do you think of Posh starring in Marc Jacobs ads? Are you excited to see them?

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