See How Mandy Moore's Glam Squad Transforms Her Into 66-Year-Old Rebecca on 'This Is Us'

The actress revealed a behind-the-scenes look at her on-set makeup process on Instagram


Mandy Moore has barely aged since her “Candy” music video days. But as an actress on This Is Us, the 33-year-old star transforms for her character, which means at times we see her as 66-year-old Rebecca Pearson. And the aging process involves a lot of time in the makeup chair.

In the middle of her makeup routine on set Wednesday morning, Moore shared an Instagram live video of her age transformation in progress — and it didn’t seem to be easy. The star had artists pulling at her face while they created wrinkles, a crepey appearance around her eyes, and dark spots on her cheeks and neck, turning her ageless skin into that of an older woman.

“This is 66,” the star said in the video as the process carried on. “Look how incredible all of this is. We haven’t even done any of the painting and stuff yet,” she added.

Mandy Moore/Instagram

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Where are her forehead wrinkles, you wonder? Moore shared that her makeup team typically avoids applying makeup on her forehead, since her character wears a wig with bangs — and because it’s not easy to remove at the end of the day, she prefers to avoid areas that won’t be seen.

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“The hardest part is the removal process,” Moore says. “It’s pretty tricky and it’s really hard on my skin. I have really sensitive skin.”

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