Fringe pants and more -- the This Is Us star looks back on her early career outfits

Mandy Moore‘s style has taken a big turn since 2000, when she and Britney Spears influenced our endless trips to the mall in hopes of acquiring a pop-star-inspired fringe mini skirt. And today, as a star on the hit show This Is Us, Moore is still inspiring our fashion choices — just in a bit of a, well, chicer manner. But her sartorial transformation doesn’t mean that she has totally put those crop top-wearing days behind her — and she’s reminiscing about some of her most memorable — and questionable — looks in the video above.

“I started when I was 15,” she tells People Now about her early fashion choices. “I had no idea who I was or what I was doing, and so there’s a lot from that time period… I’d say between 15 and like 19, 20.”

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So who was the stylist behind those looks? The star shares that it was all her — even in her “Candy” music video.

“I give myself a bit of a pass, but there’s like leather pants with fringe on them. In the ‘Candy’ video, I decided it was really cool to tie a leather ribbon around… that was my choice,” she laughs, adding, “There were some really questionable choices.”

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