September 20, 2017 10:55 AM
Courtesy of Garnier

ICYMI, Mandy Moore is in the midst of filming This Is Us, she recently got engaged to her boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith, and she has a huge new gig as the latest face of Garnier. But if you follow her on Instagram, you already know most of that — because she’s all for sharing the behind-the-scenes view of her life on social media.

“It allows you the freedom to have control over your own narrative and what you want to put out about your life,” the star, who hasn’t yet announced her engagement on Instagram (but did post the below shot showing off her ring and her friendship with Sterling K. Brown), told PeopleStyle of using social media.

“I love being able to let people into my world, but I also understand the line of what’s appropriate and what I feel comfortable about sharing with people,” she explains. “I like to control my own story and I don’t have to rely on a publicist and sort of the machinery of the industry to do that job for me anymore.”

She says she feels comfortable drawing that line because “I didn’t grow up with [social media, so] I don’t look for the same validation that maybe the millennial generation does because it’s all they’ve known,” she says. “I do have fun with it but I also feel like I’m able to step away from it … I don’t mean to pass judgment. I know who I am because I sort of came into it later in the game. I’m able to not take it so seriously.”

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She proved it when she posted a photo of her first-ever black eye, a remnant from a run-in with her shower door handle, two weeks before the Emmys. “It’s almost healed,” she said of her injury. “I only had those stitches in for 6 days because I had to go right back to work, so they took them out for when I started shooting again. It’s very delicate and I cant really put any makeup on it right now. But it’s healing.”

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Luckily, she found a few tricks to help nurse it back to normal. “I’ve been mainlining arnica and I’ve been laying under LED lights because it promotes healing. Just trying to be really careful and do any sort of ridiculous folk remedy especially at the beginning that I could do to help it heal.” 

As for the rest of her beauty routine, Moore says she’s been an avid SPF advocate since she was young (which would explain her always-flawless skin).

“I feel like I got [the sun] memo early enough and hopefully — knock on wood — avoided real long lasting damage because I’ve been a Pale Patty for quite a number of years. I was a Florida kid so I was so used to being outside and going to the beach, I didn’t even think about it; it was such a part of our lives. Not even like going out to lay and bask in the sun. I do miss it sometimes. I miss the vitamin D aspect of it.”

She doesn’t miss the tanning aspect of the sun, however. Instead, she relies on spray tans for her glow — a trick that she only tried in recent years because she’d always been afraid of receiving an orange-tinged look. “That’s one thing I wish I discovered earlier — a good spray tan,” she says. “It would save me a lot of heartache about my pasty legs.” 

— With reporting by Jackie Fields

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