Mandy Moore Grows Out Of "Jeans & T-Shirt Phase"

Toby Canham/Getty

For Mandy Moore, fashion hindsight is 20/20. “I’m trying to go back to being a woman again. I started to dress a little schleppy for awhile, and now I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!’ I have to step up to the plate, and like stand tall with my shoulders back.” So while she initially started her clothing line Mblem. as a selection of vintage T-shirts, her new Holiday collection is all about her latest wardrobe staple: simple, yet sexy dresses in super-soft cotton. At the launch of the new collection, Mandy explained to PEOPLE, “It was mostly t-shirts — that was the original incarnation of mblem., but it’s sort of taken on a new life because it’s reflective of where I am in my life right now. I’m 23, and I’m definitely a young woman. And so I’m a little bit more feminine and polished now. I’ve grown out of that jeans-and-T-shirt phase that I was in for a couple of years, and I want to wear a dress every day. I feel like a woman, feel more polished.” Click here to check out the summer pieces from Mblem.

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