See her pretty new hue


Let’s send you into the weekend with one final celeb hair change, shall we? Maggie Grace appeared at the Taken 3 premiere sporting a surprising new shade: cinnamon red.

maggie grace red hair

Wenn; Lionel Hahn/Abaca/Startraks Photo

And no, she didn’t have to change hair colors to go undercover from the Taken 3 kidnappers — she dyed it for a role in an upcoming film. And though she’s really known for her blonde hair, her new spicier shade suits her well, highlighting her fair complexion and bringing out the hazel in her eyes.

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Loving the look? You might as well say yes or find yourself on the receiving line of a menacing phone call from her Taken dad Liam Neeson. He prank-called an ex on her behalf last year, and let’s just say we’d rather not pick up the phone and hear this.

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–Alex Apatoff