All the Details on Maggie Grace and Brent Bushnell's Wedding Bands and Jewelry

Neil Lane spoke to People about all of the diamonds the newlyweds designed and picked out themselves

Photo: Courtesy Neil Lane. Inset: Maggie Grace/Instagram

At the end of May, actress Maggie Grace officially tied the knot with Two Bit Circus founder Brent Bushnell in Ojai, California, after getting engaged back in February, sharing the happy news with the world via an Instagram post with a caption that read, “The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung (Whitman).”

While the couple kept the affair super intimate with only friends and family in attendance, no images of Grace’s wedding dress, and nary a selfie shared on any of their social media accounts, we do know one thing for sure: there were a ton of gorgeous diamonds involved. And we spoke to Neil Lane the man behind all the bling to get all of the exclusive details on their nuptial accessories.

Lane shared with PEOPLE an image of the engineering entertainment company founder’s ring, “a wide platinum band inset with celestial material. Meteorite,” making for a classic piece of masculine jewelry that still has a totally unique twist. The Taken star‘s band also featured some extra special detailing, also set in platinum with ornate hand engraving that was accented with a smattering of small diamonds. And the most romantic part of these weddings bands? Lane says, “Both were custom-designed with them.”

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Courtesy Neil Lane

But those weren’t the only pieces of flare the couple flaunted on their big day. Grace added some intricate, turn-of-the-century details to her wedding dress, as well. Lane explains, “Her choice of wedding earring was inspired by her Edwardian lace veil. They are vintage with delicate swirls of circular diamonds set in platinum.”

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Courtesy Neil Lane

And in case all of those diamonds weren’t already stunning enough, the actress doubled down, adding two pearl and diamond-laden hair pins into the mix, which Lane says, “are also of the Edwardian era.” We can practically see the Jane Austen-approved gown that Grace paired with these pricey baubles now.

What do you think of Maggie Grace’s wedding jewels? Which one is your favorite? Sound off below!

–reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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