It already sold out 3 times

By Christie Calucchia
May 19, 2020 06:00 AM
Credit: Maelove

Maelove has a reputation for creating affordable skincare products that not only rival those made by far pricier brands, but also sell out and garner massive waitlists.

Case in point: The under-the-radar brand’s second best-selling product, the NIA 10 Calming Serum, has sold out three times since its launch. And after the last time it went out of stock, more than 5,000 people signed up to get on the waitlist to buy it.

While it may seem like a lot of hype for a single fluid ounce of face serum, the small bottle packs a big punch. Its oil-free formula contains key ingredients like vitamin B3, zinc, and white tea extract, all of which are ideal for treating inflamed, dry, and acne-prone skin.

Vitamin B3 helps reduce redness and inflammation while improving firmness and softening wrinkles over time. Zinc and white tea combine with aloe, mushroom, and vitamin E extracts to deliver a powerful boost of antioxidants, immediately soothing the skin.

Designed to seamlessly fit into any skincare routine, you can layer the gentle serum into your existing regimen for added moisture and redness correcting. When used regularly for long periods of time, it may also improve skin elasticity.

Hundreds of Maelove customers have left rave reviews of the $28 serum online, saying they really see a difference in their skin’s appearance after using it and enjoy the way it feels. 

“This is an incredible serum that helps my skin stay smooth, clear, and bouncy,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s light and absorbs quickly, and [it] layers well with other skincare [and] makeup.” 

Another said it helps ease rosacea breakouts and added: “Please never stop making this product!”

Maelove’s calming serum just came back in stock, but if history is any indication, it could sell out again quickly. Grab a bottle for yourself now to see if it lives up to the hype.

Credit: Maelove

Buy It! Maelove NIA 10 Calming Serum, $27.95;

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