The star certainly knows how to prove a point

By Alex Apatoff
June 18, 2014 07:28 PM

Courtesy Madonna(2)

We’ll give Madonna credit where it’s due: She’s certainly willing to put her money where her mouth is. If you had any doubts that the 55-year-old pop superstar was standing behind her Japanese skincare line, MDNA, she’s putting those doubts to rest with a series of super-close selfies on her Instagram page.

“Trying out the new Clay Mask from MDNA skin care line! Lets see if it works! #livingforlove,” she captioned the above left picture, which portrays her slathered in the line’s mud mask. After a brief interval to post a product shot (“You better work!” she shared on the pic below), she followed up with the results. “Lovely and glowing! Yaaaasssssss it werks! #unapologeticbitch” she wrote. No word on whether the paisley hat is essential to the finished product or just a fun addition to the photo.

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The singer had already kicked off the product’s launch with a trippy black-and-white video (think: lots of whispering, non sequiturs about skincare and sultry close-up photos). “I’ve spent hours on it. Months on it. Years on it,” she says in the video (as well as quotes like “Your amber silken skin smells of your mind”) — which might explain her willingness to get goofy in service of the skincare line.

If you want to test the Chrome Clay mask for yourself, well, you’ll still have to book a trip to Japan — it’s not yet available stateside. But in the meantime, tell us: Are you impressed by the results?

–Alex Apatoff