Madonna Hits the Spa With 'The Fat Jewish,' Mists Her Face with Rosé: 'We're Like the Same Person' - 'Only You're Fat'

Ahead of her MDNA Skincare launch in the U.S., Madonna teamed with The Fat Jewish to create a hilarious teaser for the line

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We’ve seen Madonna in her music videos, on stages, and on television (not to mention the cover of PEOPLE). But wearing a robe and misting her face with rosé while getting a pedicure? Not so much.

On Tuesday, the star will bring her MDNA skincare line, which she originally launched in Japan three years back, to the states via Barneys. Meaning skincare junkies and fans alike will be able to get their hands on everything from her signature rose mist to her magnetic mask. And in order to celebrate the new endeavor for the brand, Madonna teamed up with Instagram star Josh Ostrovsky, or as he’s commonly known, The Fat Jewish, to create a hilarious teaser video for the line.

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In the video, which Madonna posted Friday on Instagram, the star and Ostrovsky are dressed in white robes with their hair twisted up into a towel and are getting pampered with massages, manicures and pedicures. The common thread between them, aside from their outfits, is the fact that they both have on hand the rose (er, rosé) themed products that they’ve created. Madonna holds her MDNA Rose Mist, and Ostrovsky holds a bottle of his White Girl Rosé wine, naturally.

“Pampering is the key to youth,” Madonna says as she mists her face. “I spray my face with rose mist spray, and I feel like I’m walking through a garden of … something.”

Ostrovsky’s trick, on the other hand, involves spraying himself with wine. “Josh, that’s f—ing rosé” she says, before trying it for herself — a move that he says will have her making bad decisions.

“I’ve been doing that for 33 years,” she responds, before belching and excusing herself. Watch to see the rest of their improbable combination.

What do you think of Madonna’s video? Will you get your hands on her new skincare? Sound off below.

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