The pop star's colorist Nicola Clarke called her hue a "soft, pretty pink"

By Kaitlyn Frey
October 15, 2020 04:53 PM
Credit: Madonna/Instagram

Madonna just said "buh-bye" to blonde.

With the help of London-based colorist Nicola Clarke, the "Material Girl" pop star, 62, dyed her iconic platinum blonde hair to a fun bubblegum pink hue.

"She gives me Fever..... Isnt she pretty in pink!!!! 💗💗💗," Clarke said on Instagram.

While neither Madonna nor Clarke have yet to reveal the inspiration behind the bold switch-up just yet, the colorist explained how she gave the singer the playful pink color. "I did everything as we normally do, I love to add @virtuelabs_pro #colorkick in all my formulas, especially to my bleach. It maintains the quality of the hair and the colour," Clarke said.

Credit: Madonna/Instagram

Before putting in the pink dye, Clarke highlighted Madonna's hair with "as many foils as I possibly can fit in [and] then high lift tint in between."

"I mixed and tested pinks of my own but ended up using a pre mixed @crazycolorltd candy floss it was soft, pretty and the perfect pink," Clarke continued. "I feel honoured to work with creative people and being able to work along side @andylecompte , he’s attention to detail is off the chart it’s an absolute privilege. Never too old to learn , surround yourself with creative and like minded people 💗💓💞."

Credit: Madonna/Instagram

Madonna, who's become known as the queen of reinvention, hasn't been afraid to make dramatic changes to her look over the years. But when it comes to caring for her hair, she likes to keep things simple.

"I use Rose Mist on it, and a lot of conditioner," she told InStyle. "Soap isn’t the best thing for colored hair, so I use a lot of oils, like Rodin Olio Lusso."