Madison Prewett Launches a Bracelet Line with Her Family — and It Has a Sweet Tie to The Bachelor

The Bachelor star's Family Virtue collection with My Saint My Hero is available to shop now

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The Bachelor's Madison Prewett and her family just dropped a meaningful jewelry line that she's been wearing ever since she appeared on Peter Weber's season of the ABC reality show.

The idea for the Prewett's Family Virtues collection of beaded bracelets with My Saint My Hero came to fruition when Madison, 24, left her hometown of Auburn, Alabama to shoot The Bachelor.

"We were already kind of trying to figure out creative ways to stay in unity and communion for however long we would go without seeing each other and talking to each other," Madison tells PEOPLE.

"We were like, 'Oh my gosh, we should all wear this bracelet every single day for however long I'm gone just as a family, that it would just keep us together.' We knew even on days where we really miss each other or we're having a really bad day, we just can look down at that bracelet and remember each other," she continues.

madison prewett

While Madison was filming, many Bachelor contestants asked her where her bracelet was from, since she wore it daily. And since it helped her "get through some really weak moments," once the show ended, the family decided to bring the meaningful bracelets to the market. "One of the things that we've talked about our entire lives around our children, are love God, love people and love family. The word 'together' is so important," says Madison's dad Chad Prewett. "The word togetherness or unity is what this bracelet in my mind is all about."

Each bracelet features a variety of different colored beads which are handwoven by women from impoverished communities across the globe to help them rise above poverty. A percentage of each purchase also goes to Adullam International Ministries, which places children born to incarcerated mothers in Christian homes.

"This organization is very near and dear to our heart. Our whole family serves there. They have a school that the community is involved in. It's a great place," Madison's mom Tonya Prewett says.

madison prewett

Madison adds, "The women who are weaving are raising funds to provide school supplies and uniforms for children in their community. In Nigeria it's a community of women to support their local ministry orphanages. So every single dollar spent on My Saint My Hero makes an impact."

Now, Madison can't wait to send the bracelets to all her close friends, including the special women she befriended on The Bachelor.

madison prewett

"I honestly just want them to have it and for it to bless them, like it has me and with my family. I know that for sure, Sarah Coffin and Kiarra Norman will be getting one. I'm sure I'll be sending it to Hannah Ann Sluss as well," the star says.

Despite meeting under unusual circumstances Madison says she holds her Bachelor friendships in a special place in her heart.

Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss
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"What's so special about Hannah Ann, and honestly, every friendship that I kept in touch with since The Bachelor, is that it was so much deeper than reality TV," Madison says. "There was actually a deep connection that was formed during that time. That has continued to develop since then."

The Family Virtues collection ranges in price from $29.50 to $86.95 and is available now at

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